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      Company Profile

      The eCOM Group is a world leading provider of B2B solutions and Value Added Network (VAN) services that allows enterprises to operate their supply chains efficiently.

      We have registered three companies to meet company specific requirements from various customers:

      • eCOM (Asia) Limited. (registered in 2007, Hong Kong SAR China)
      • IT Associates Corporation (Asia) Limited. (registered in 2007, Hong Kong SAR China)
      • eCOM Information Technology (Australia) Pty Ltd. (registered in 2011, Melbourne Australia)

      Our associated companies include:

      • IT Associates (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (registered in April 2008, known as ITAS);
      • eCOM Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (registered in May 2008, known as eCOM);
      • ITAC (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (registered in July 2011, known as ITAC).

      Over the past decade, eCOM has earned significant credibility and experience globally, primarily in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. eCOM Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is the main corporate body of the eCOM Group to explore the immense market in China.

      We provide professional products and services to various customers through eCOM, ITAC, and ITAS . As a world leading provider on B2B supply chain solutions and services, we help our customers pursue sustained operational excellence and flexibility while bringing innovations to information logistics.

      Customer success is our only goal. The eCOM team takes pride when customers coordinate their business processes and expand operations flexibly, rapidly, and reliably through our service.

      Vision and Mission


      To build, bridge, and bond global E- Communities into every fabric of social and economic society.


      • To dedicate, commit and deliver the utmost value and quality services that will enable our customers E- Commerce business solutions.
      • To commit to exceeding customers’ expectations for quality, responsiveness and excellence.
      • To develop people to their highest level of competence, esteems, and potential.
      • To pursue and poster the highest ethical in moral standard within our business relationships and social life.

      eCOM China - Shanghai

      Address: 2F Building 10 No.77,Futexisan Road,

      Pudong New Area, Shanghai

      Telephone: (8621) 5866 2100

      Website: www.ecomsh.com.cn

      eCOM China - Hong Kong

      Address: Room 4108, Floor 41, Hopewell Centre

      183 Queen's Road East,

      Wanchai, Hong Kong

      Telephone: (852) 2821 2777

      Website: www.ecomasialtd.com

      eCOM Philippines

      Address: Suite 501 West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center Exchange Road,

      Pasig City, 1605 Philippines

      Telephone: (632) 634 4153

      Website: www.e.com.ph

      eCOM Australia

      Address: 9/14 Market St, Box Hill, Melbourne, VIC 3128, Australia

      Telephone: (61) 3 9005 8096

      Website: www.ecomasialtd.com

      eCOM Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.沪ICP备08017982号
      Copyright ©2015 eCOM. All rights reserved.